Talent Discovery Education

The Ultimate Gift We Give Ourselves & Others

Talent Discovery Education K-12

Talent Discovery Education for K-12 is a program built to guide and direct students in first discovering their academic talents followed by exploring and exposure to the thousands of potential avocations they may wish to pursue in life. 

The foundation of the K-12 Talent Discovery Educational process consists of teaching every child the 7 Principles of Talent Discovery Education, for which excellence and high self- esteem is achieved for the benefit of every student.  As these principles are embodied by each student, success is quickly and even miraculously achieved.  This success includes the many commonplace problems found now challenging teachers and administration, from bullying to students dropping out of school.

Framed in Student/Parent Terminology, the 7 Principles Are As follows; and too, if you'd like to explore them more in adult terms, click here

My 7 Talent Discovery Success Principles!

1. I’m (you're) Already A Winner! All talents for life success are natural and inborn in me. They need only be developed to ensure my winning! All talents are available to All!

2. Belief Starts It. Talent discovery & development requires my belief that “IHave The Talent To Win Good Grades In School.” My TADA Coach knows it – I know it too!!!

3. Curiosity Finds Them. My talent development is ‘maximized’ when my curiosity is at its peak. Nurturing my natural curiosity makes learning fun, easy and successful.

4. Practice Masters Them. Talent development takes practice to be mastered and it is typically the difference between a grade “C” and an “A.”  Practice is a prerequisite to mastery and winning at anything in life.

5. Commitment Ensures Them. Talent development or mastery requires mycommitment. Knowing what commitment is, what it looks like, how it works, and how it’s appliedmakes or breaks my winning in life. I will be committed and I will win in school!

6. Courage Promotes Them. Being courageous is my commitment to myself.It is self respect in action. True courage says, “My first priority is my talent discovery and development so I can do what I love in life.”

7. Competence Locks Them In! Understanding ‘competence’ is the key to my “freedom of choice” in the future! This requires my mastery of reading, writing and math—all these are talents I can master through practice in every class and ensure I can do what I love doing for the rest of my life.

Problems TDE Solves:

When the "7 Principles' of TDA are taught to every child as the foundation of their success, these problems "grounded in disillusionment" will completely disappear! 

  • Stops Crime and Prison Population stops growing
  • Reduces Drug Addition Behaviors
  • Stops or Vastly Reduce Drop-Outs
  • Stops Teen Suicides 
  • Low Self-Esteem to New Highs!
  • Poor Student Performance
  • Bullying