Talent Discovery Education

The Ultimate Gift We Give Ourselves & Others

About Us:

Everyone of us, both young and old, are blessed and born with a set of talents that are truly special and unque to each of us. Thus, Talent Discovery is too advocational discovery, or the way to finding our "Calling or Purpose in Life".  Not discovering one's natural talents is the greatest loss of humanity, for within these collective "talents of humanity" are solutions to every problem humanity has longed sought to solve.  This pioneering of the best ways of discovering human talent is what we are all about, which is foundation of our mission. 

We are a 501-C3  community non-profit organization founded in 2001 and anchored in the vision of making Individual Talent Discovery the "foundation" purpose for all education. Formally named Job Exposure, Talent and Training Institute (JETTI), we are an organization of visionary problem solvers who know in our  hearts that any real, sustainable solution, comes when its' foundation is grounded in universal principles that are applicable to anyone's life. Our global project is call New Earth Realized, for when everyone is "living their inner calling in life", a New Earth will be Realized.


Our First Goal: Establish Talent Discovery Education in All our public edducation systems for K-12. We will do this through a program developed and grounded in  the 7 principles of "Talent Discovery Education", easily taught and  applied to anyone's life - ensuring success... continue

JETTI Malls - JETTI is an acronym for Job Exposure, Talent and Training Institute. Our vision is to build Talent Discovery Job Malls, made to house 80 to 100 Trade Schools directly supported by business seeking the talents of graduating students. So in essence, folks can shop for their perfect talent discovery job interest and quickly enter the field in a few months versus years... continue