Talent Discovery Education

The Ultimate Gift We Give Ourselves & Others

JETTI Adult Talent Discovery Education Malls

Every human being is blessed with talents that business owners would love to have as part of their team. JETTI Malls (Job Exposure, Talent and Training Institute) was developed as a process of accelerating talent development for workplace applications by the power of 10. It is a process that is all about helping people of all ages explore the many trades and potential talents they may have through exposure and a short term opportunity to explore developing them. 

Where there is talent, there is curiosity and where there is curiosity, there is extreme speed of development. Literally, skills can be developed in months versus years when curiosity is factored into the developmental process.

So with JETTI Malls, we have 80-150 trades supported by all the businesses needing the talents... so within 3-6 months, trade talents are confirmed through development and jobs will quickly follow completion!

Every business owner knows that talented employees are "A" performers and though who just working a job, tend to be average "C" at best... so it's a natural process of helping both business and future employees! Everyone wins!

To read more, download this link: JETTI Mall Executive Business Plan

Imagine a JETTI Trade School Mall with 80-120 schools where adults can shop, search, explore, and master their workplace talents.